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Manali Tour....

Manali is a picturesque hill station in Himachal Pradesh, surrounded by snow-capped mountains and dense forest and the ever flowing River Beas. It is a favourite destination for honeymooner as well as for adventure sport lovers. Famously known as the Switzerland of India, it is definitely a paradise on earth.

The best time to visit Manali is between March and June, but if you are interested in watching snowfall, you should visit during October to February. Renowned as the queen of valleys, this beautiful hill station in the lower Himalayas has a close link with the legendary law giver of ancient India, Manu. Manali literally means the abode of Manu.

Manali is the humble abode to many gods and goddesses, so it has a vast number of temples dedicated to the various dieties. One of the most famous temple in Manali is the four storey wooden temple, Hadimba or Dhungiri temple. It has four-tiered Pagoda shaped roof and the doorway is carved with legendary figures and symbols and is located in the midst of deodar forest. The temple of Manu is also a must-see attraction of Manali, which is made up of slippery stones paths lead through the old village houses.

The Vashishth village is famous for its sulphurous hot-water springs known as Vashisth Hot Sulphur Springs and you can enjoy a stress-free evening here, lazing around in the hot water of the spring.
Manali's highest point is the Rohtang Pass, it is located 50 km away from Manali town. If you are wondering that roaming around watching the beauty of the mountains is fine, but what about a waterfall? Then, Rahalla falls is the place that you should definitely see in manali.

It is about 16 km from Manali and has become a good picnic spot. Old Manali is famous for its unending apple orchards, friendly locals, a playful river Beas and inexpensive lodging.
Manali is completely abuzz with activity in the winter season, where many come in the hope of watching a snowfall. It is also a great place for adventure sports.

Solang Valley offers Himachal Pradesh's best ski slopes and you can also indulge in paragliding during summers. For heli Skiing (downhill skiing that is accessed by a helicopter), the best place to go are Hanuman Tibba, Rohtang Pass, Deo Tibba and Chanderkhani Pass near Manali. If you are in the mood of rafting, then the Beas River is the place where you should definitely go as it has become very popular among the lovers of river rafting where you can brave the swift currents with your paddles.

Manali is also a shopper's paradise, you can find scores of artifacts, wooden items, warm garments etc. in the malls and other shops of Manali.You really become overwhelm with the mesmerising view of Manali, it's enthralling beauty impressions you for a life time and you are bound to come back to be in the midst of the lush valleys and the snowy surroundings.

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