Friday, 13 February 2015

Hidden Romantic Destinations to Visit This Valentine’s Day

  1. Malvan, Maharashtra

    m_Malvan, Maharashtra
    Love, sweetness, pristine beaches, array of water sports and the untouched beauty of the nature…your dreams will no more be dreams while on a trip to Malvan! Hidden away in the Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra, this quaint town is indeed one of the most romantic destinations in the country. Due to the seclusion from the rest of the country, Malvan showcases the most pristine form of nature and will surely bring both of you closer than before!
  2. Ganeshgule, Maharashtra

    m_Ganeshgule, Maharashtra
    A secluded, yet romantic beach, this hidden beach in Maharashtra is all about you,the love you have for each other, moments of togetherness, warm hugs, bits and crunches of love! Plan your V-Day in Ganeshgule, and there won’t be any dearth of moments that will urge you for more and more!
  3. Dhankar Lake, Spiti Valley

    m_Dhankar Lake, Spiti Valley
    The gracious beauty of a glacial lake, when cuffed by the celestial beauty of the snow-clad peaks and fascinating mountains under the azure sky, love and romance prevails in every bits and corners! If you happen to spend moments of togetherness beside this lake in the Spiti Valley, you will experience how the low flying clouds, towering peaks and the snow ushers love and romance into the atmosphere.
  4. Sandhan Valley, Maharashtra

    m_Sandhan Valley, Maharashtra
    The journey of love that you both started, do not just celebrate it; make it a reason to love each other for the rest of your lives and beyond! Also known as the ‘valley of shadows’, the Sandhan Valley in the Western Ghats, with its enchanting beauty and splendour, will surely allure both of you to shower all your love on each other!
  5. Naini Lake, Nainital, Uttarakhand

    m_Naini Lake, Nainital
    Love, an eternal journey where two hearts unites and beats with the same rhythm! The Naini Lake in Nainital will surely make both of you fall for each other even more than before. Let both of your hearts speak all the volume while enjoying a boat ride in this lake, with the backdrop of the captivating hills and mountains witnessing your everlasting love!
  6. Ooty

    m_Ooty 1
    This Valentine’s Day, do not miss the chance to show your partner, how precious s/he is for you. Let each other feel the warmth of your love, fondle each other in the serene environs of Ooty and curate some of the most romantic moments of your life!
    m_Ooty 2
  7. Alleppey, Kerala

    m_Alleppey, Kerala 1
    If Kerala is the God’s Own Country, Alleppey is the abode of love in this country! On a visit to this scenic destination, you will realise, love is not always about expressing yourself. At times, by being being silent like the backwaters, you can make your other half feel your love and romance that dwells in your heart!
    m_Alleppey, Kerala 2
  8. Khajjiar, Himachal Pradesh

    m_Khajjiar, Himachal Pradesh
    Holding each other’s hand, a walk amidst the lush pine trees, the eternal Himalayas guarding both of you and the love-spell that exists in the atmosphere; this is all one can wish to make his/her partner feel special. While in Khajjiar or the ‘Switzerland of India’, in addition to all these, you can make every moment count your immortal love for your partner!
  9. Araku Valley, Andhra Pradesh

    m_Araku Valley, Andhra Pradesh
    When the shades of green captivates all your senses, you are left with no choice other than surrendering yourself! Besides, if this happens in the presence of your hearty partner, there is no doubt, you would love to surrender yourself each and every time! Make this wish come true in the spectacular Araku Valley carve way for love and romance to hit the both of you.
  10. Minicoy, Lakshadweep

    m_Minicoy, Lakshadweep 1
    Hidden away from the rest of the country, Minicoy is one of the most bountiful offerings of Lakshadweep. Surrounded gracefully by the Arabian Sea, this island is amongst the least discovered romantic holiday destinations in the country. It is such an island that can make you forget to keep a track on the time and pleasantly get lost in each other’s arms!
    m_Minicoy, Lakshadweep 2
  11. Munnar, Kerala

    m_Munnar, Kerala 1
    While the scenic peaks in Munnar will keep you soaked with wonderment, its winding terrains and evergreen greeneries will allure you bewitch every single moment with each other! The love and romance, freshness, purity, devotion and natural beauty that exists in this hill station is purely divine.
    m_Munnar, Kerala 2
  12. Havelock Islands, Andaman

    m_Havelock Islands, Andaman
    Let love and romance behold both of you in the most alluring way while cossetting each other in any of the stunning beaches in the Andaman Island! Fly to the Havelock Island and have a tryst with the azure waters, tepid beaches and enchanting greeneries. Show her the fascinating beauty of the underwater and give her all the reasons to cherish the divine journey of your love!
  13. Butterfly Beach, Goa

    m_Butterfly Beach, Goa
    Even if the Butterfly Beach is in the party capital of India, it is amongst the least explored holiday spots in Goa. Accessible only through a ferry or boat ride, the mesmerising beauty and the magical coastline of this beach will instantly make you fall in love with the ambience. Moreover, the scenic palm groves, the cool breeze and the tranquil waves in this beach will never allow any dull moment between the two of you!
  14. Pelling, Sikkim

    m_Pelling, Sikkim
    Make the fascinating Khanchendzonga Peak witness the bond that unites the both of you. Let the colourful valleys of Pelling add some more shades to your lives and enchant all your days with unconditional love and eternal togetherness.
  15. Mawsynram, Meghalaya

    m_Mawsynram, Meghalaya
    The two of you, cossetting in your arms, millions of thoughts caressing both of your hearts and the sudden drizzling! Yes, every moment in this gorgeous Meghalayan village is filled with exoticness and romance. Nestled amidst the East Khasi Hills, Mawsynram is currently the rainiest place on earth and the surreal beauty of the hamlet just makes for an amazing romantic destination.

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