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Waterfalls In India

Waterfalls In India:-
India has some of the best and most stunning waterfalls in the world. Each state has its very own show piece, making it vital to enlist the waterfalls in every state. You never know when you may plan a trip and having this information ready could prove handy. We have put together a list of the very best waterfalls India has to offer, if you’re a nature lover then this list is all you need as the best waterfalls’ details are clearly provided. The waterfalls mentioned here have been identified and enlisted after a careful research and analysis and will reduce your requirement to do any further research.

1. Dudhsagar Waterfall – Goa’s prestigious falls

Dudhsagar beautiful Waterfalls in India
Goa not only has beaches to offer but also the Dudhsagar Waterfall, which is among the best waterfalls in India. The name of the falls translates in English to Sea of milk due to the transformation of the water colour from blue to white as it is crashes to the bottom. The falls are 60 KM from Panaji in the state capital of GOA. The fall is the 5th largest in India, measuring 310 meters. The best time to visit the falls is at the peak of the monsoon season when the river is at its highest flow. The fall splits into 4 tiers creating a truly awesome scene.

2. Jog Waterfall – The wonder fall of Karnataka

Jog fall

What makes the Jog Waterfall spectacular is not its height but rather the width, having a girth of 290 and a high of 259 meters the falls are spectacular to experience. The waterfalls is located near Sagara in Karnataka and is a major tourist attraction of the region. The falls are also known by the names Gersoppa falls and Jogada Gundi by the local people.

It is the second biggest waterfall in Asia making it a must see. Due to the large number of tourists, you can get the required provisions, snacks and food to consume while enjoying the beauty of the waterfalls.

3. Nohsngithiang Waterfall – A surprise waiting at Mawsmai Village

Nohsngithiang falls
This is a unique waterfall not to be missed, as rather than one out flow, these falls have seven streams falling from the same source resulting in a truly wonderful water fall. The Nohsngithiang Waterfall is just 1 KM from Mawsmai village in the East Khasi Hill District or Meghalaya. The falls measure 315 meters and a girth of 70 meters making them the 4th biggest waterfall in India. The best times to visit the falls are during sun rise and sun set when the falls look more stunning. There are many places in the locality providing stay due to the high number of tourists visiting the region.

4. Thosegharh Waterfall – Maharashtra’s pride waterfall

thoseghar waterfalls
The Thosegharh Waterfall is located within a deep gorge near the village Thoseghar which is approximately 20KM from Satara City on the edge of Konkan. There are several waterfalls, the shortest measuring 15 meters and the tallest 500 meters. Visitors come from all over Maharashtra making it a popular tourist destination. The best season to experience the waterfalls is during the monsoon when the falls flowi with immense fury. The surrounding area also offers quiet and peaceful setting making it ideal for relaxing and spending an afternoon close to nature as surrounding hills are thickly covered with forests.

5. Athirappilly Waterfall – India’s very own Niagara

Athirappilly falls
Also known as the Niagara of India, this a gorgeous and most beautiful waterfall located in Athirappilly Panchayath,  eco friendly destination Kerala. The Chalakudy River feeds the Athirappilly Waterfall resulting in a spectacular showdown. It is a relatively small waterfall measuring just 24 meters but the width of the fall is what makes it an attraction not to be missed while . In addition to the waterfall the area also has an abundance of wildlife like the elusive and endangered great Hornbill, found in the forest around the waterfall. The falls are most scenic during the monsoon when the river is full, resulting in a great experience.

6. Courtallam Waterfall – Tamil Nadu’s largest waterfall

Courtallam beautiful Waterfalls in India
The Courtallam Waterfall is located south of a small town Panchayat in Tamil Nadu. The falls measure 160 meters, making it one of the tallest in India. The waters flowing in the Chittar River originate from the Western Ghat thus resulting in a continuous flowing water fall which is fabulous to see in any season. The rainy season offers a larger waterfall and due to its height it is best to observe it from a distance to be able to see the whole fall. The waters falls in steps resulting in a truly stunning view. You can reach the falls with a jetty built right across the river below the falls.

7. Talakona Waterfall – Sri Vankateswara National Park

Thalakona waterfalls
The Talakona Waterfall offers an impressive 270 foot fall before the water pools at the bottom . The falls are located in the Sri Vankateswara National Park in the Chittoor District of Andhra Pradesh. The waterfall is also famous as the Lord Siddheswara Swami Temple is situated very close to the it. The area around the waterfall offers an abundance of wild flowers and butterflies found nowhere else but here. The best season to visit the fall is during the rainy season when the river is swollen, resulting in a roaring demonstration of the power of the fall which can be heard from several KM away.

8. Khandadhar Waterfall – Orissa’s gem water fall

Athirappilly falls
The Khandadhar Waterfall is near Nandapani of Sundagarh District in the state of Orissa. The falls are the 12th highest in India. Bonaighar is approximately 19 KM from the falls and can easily be reached by vehicles during the dry season as the road leading to the falls is not paved. You could also easily hike down from a safe parking lot which is around 1.6 KM from the falls. The fall measures an incredible 244 meters resulting in its waters turning to mist before hitting the pools below. Best seen during the dry season due to the tricky paths leading to the fall, which could be slippery when wet.

9. Chitrakot Waterfall – a stunner fall from Chhattisgarh

Chitrakot Waterfall
Measuring only 29 meters in height, this waterfall isn’t among the best in India due to its height but due to its breathtaking girth. During dry season, water flows from one of the lower exits in a steady stream but the water behind the falls have been dammed by a level rock, resulting in a spectacular showdown during the monsoons. The water rises and begins flowing from the whole rock face which measures close to 200 meters resulting in a truly awesome site. The Chitrakot Waterfall is located in Jagdalpur, Basta District Chhattisgarh and attracts tourists in thousands each year to watch this phenomenon unfold.

10. Dhuandhar Waterfall – an odd but spectacular fall

Dhuandhar Waterfall
These falls are unique in their own way as the water feeding the falls has eroded the limestone, resulting in deep crevasses through which the water flows during the dry season. In the rainy season it’s a different story as the flood water engulfs the whole area, resulting in a powerful force of nature. The falls are fed by the Narmada River in Bhedaghat, Madhya Pradesh. Both seasons offer a different beauty to the falls, but most tend to prefer the dry season as one can observe the beautiful crevasses the water has carved into the lime stone as well.

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