Friday, 2 May 2014

About U.P. Tourism

In order to prepare schemes relating to the development of tourism and to execute them, the Directorate of Tourism was established in the year 1972 of which the Director General is an I.A.S. officer. In 1974 the Uttar Pradesh State Tourism Development Corporation was established to look after the commercial activities which are a part of development of tourism. Its Managing Director is also an I.A.S. Officer. In addition the Food Craft Institute, Aligarh, which was under the control of Government of India, and later transferred to the Department of Tourism on 1-7-1985, providing training of subjects relating to tourism. In order to give training to students regarding the tourism and travel trade, a Tourism Management Institute has also been established in Lucknow Which in now name MKITM.
The Tourism Development Policy has been framed in Uttar Pradesh under which Tourist circuits are being developed in the following manner :-
1. Buddhist Circuit
2. Bundelkhand Circuit
3. Braj (Agra-Mathura)Circuit
4. Awadh Circuit
5. Vindhya- Varanasi Circuit
6. Water Cruise
7. Wild Life -Eco Advanture Circuit


About Tourism
Main aims of the Department of Tourism are as follows :-
1. To do proper publicity about such places which, because of their historical importance, may attract tourists.
2. To maintain the historical, religious and cultural traditions of Uttar Pradesh and to promote them.
3. To provide cheap, clean and satisfactory facilities to tourists in matters of transport, accommodation, food and recreation.
4. To get factual and informative literature printed which highlight tourist spots and monuments, their cultural importance and other details, and make such literature available to tourists which will serve as a guide and provide necessary information to them in order to help them to explore India.
5. To enhance and encourage the participation of the private sector in efforts of the state Government for providing necessary facilities to domestic and international tourists.
6. To organise cultural shows on occasion of different fairs festivals and seminars with a view to attracting more and more tourists.

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