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Karnataka Tourist Spots – Badami Tour to Explore the Architectural Beauty

Karnataka Tourist Spots 1 - Badami cave temple
Badami is a small town located in the state of Karnataka.  This place is famous across the globe for its rock sculpture and magnificent temple architecture. Badami is the most visited Karnataka Tourist Spots. This famous historical place attracts tourist from each and every corner of the world. It is situated on the bank of Agastya Lake which increases its scenic charm manifolds. Badami town is very famous for its wonderful rock-cut temples. This historic town takes you to all the majestic architectural splendor of ancient India. Badami derived its name from the legend of Batapi, a famous demon killed by the hermit Agastya.
Karnataka Tourist Spots 2 - Badami cave temple
Badami is situated at a ravine’s mouth between two rocky hills. Besides its artificial lake, red sandstone hill, museums, rock cut architectures, and other alluring aspects, this picturesque place is famous for its cave temples. Karnataka Tourist Spots are worth to visit. It is famed as Badami Cave Temples. These Badami cave temples are over 13 centuries old temples. The temple caves showcase different religious sects. Two temples are dedicated to Vishnu. Another one is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The highlights of this cave temple is a five foot image of Nataraja, with 18 arms, depicting several dancing poses or mudras, third one is Bhootnath temple, and the fourth one is a Jain temple.
There is one tank situated near to the Badami cave temples. This tank is called as Agastya Tirtha Tank. It is a holy water body. Throughout the year many devotees from each and every corner of the world visit the tank during their visit to Badami. If we go back to 5th century, the tank has a cluster of Bhoothanatha temples. According to Hindu scriptures, it is believed that it was the birth place of Ganges or Ganga, Yamuna and other holy rivers. Never miss to plan a tour to Karnataka Tourist Spots to explore the architectural beauty.
Karnataka Tourist Spots 3 - Badami Fort
Badami Fort, a popular attraction of this area, is situated on the top of a hill directly in front of the Badami Caves. During the visit to these fort tourists gets a bird’s eye view of entire surroundings which captivates their attention for long time. The fort is renowned for its large granary, an underground chamber, double fortification walls and several other beautiful structures which encompass the fort.

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