Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Adventure Tourism in India

Adventure Tourism in India
There is incredible prospect of adventure tourist places in India, due to diverse topography, seasons and climate. On land and water, under water and in the air, tourists can pick out from various option of adventure in our country.  India is the land with a wide immense range of adventure sports, activities and holidays, during summer, winter; autumn seasons. The Southern, Eastern, and Western especially in North India. Trekking and Skiing adventure sports in the Himalayas, white river rafting rapids of snow fed rivers are breath taking attraction in Himalayas and Uttaranchal, jeep safari, bird watching, wild camp, wildlife safari and jungle trail on Rajasthan region and North India, Paragliding, hand gliding, hot air ballooning trekking in Himachal region, Amazing wind surfing, scuba diving and snorkeling in crystal waters of Lakshadweep Islands’ lagoons and  Andaman Nicobar, water sports in Goa, wildlife and backwaters adventure in South India, these are just some of wonderful options for adventure seekers in various parts with options of different season in each sector.  Especially there is constant challenge of mighty Himalayas for mountaineers and trekking lovers.  Coniferous jungle, forests, wildlife sanctuaries, national parks are most potential places for wildlife lovers and trekkers.  India is the ultimate destination and absolute paradise for wildlife and adventure lovers.
It is one opportunity to leave all inhibitions behind and just go for exotic exhilarating experience for life time.

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