Friday, 18 April 2014

River Rafting


India is enriched with large network of rivers, is the place to be if you wish to enjoy the thrills of rafting. In brief, the rivers in India exude every bit of their natural character and challenge you to overshadow them. Also, they put to test your courage, skill and strength, this is all about the thrill and adventure of rafting sports. The challenge of controlling and balancing amidst of rapid water is what river rafting is all about. The rivers in the greater Himalayas are ultimate option in the world for river rafting with many staircase rapids challenging your skills. Originating from the great heights of the mountains, these rivers speed down in a way that makes you feel, their sprit and hurry to reach the plains and enjoy a nature of freedom. Enroute they froth, whirl, foam and crash over rocky boulders and gorges. Seasons and climate keeps on changing and so does the nature and colour of these glacier-fed rivers. The water, full of life and bursting enthusiasm reflects the adventure and thrill of rating sports. The popular water rafting destinations are Ladakh, Garhwal Himalayas, the four rivers of Himachal region and the Teesta River in Sikkim.
Ganges River in Uttaranchal known is a mystery for explorers and full of surprises for the river rafters. Ganga near Rishikesh is a most sought-after place for white water rafting. The whitewater Ganga river rafting stretch from Kaudiyala to Rishikesh with amazing 12 major rapids over 36-Kilometers long distance, most of which are easily feasible and some of them require expertise.
The river rafting destinations in India are considered the best in the world. Like trekking, rafting is offered with different options for professionals and amateurs. There are also good trainer and quick courses for freshers.

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