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BHANDARDARA Place to visit...

Bhandardara is an excellent spot for enjoying luxury of the hills and is highly suitable for trekkers. Bhandardara is nestled among the Sahyadris and is ideal for tourists coming or going to Shirdi. The climate varies from extremely hot toextremely cold. 

 Bhandardara set at an elevation of 750m above sea level is located on the banks of the Pravara River. The place is explored by nature lovers who want to break the normal routine life schedule. The area is comprising offorts and rich historical background.
Bhandardara located in the district is one of the precious jewels endowed by Mother Nature. It is highly enchanting in the monsoonswith the trees soaked in rain and dew drops sticking to the leaves.


The nearest railway station is at Igatpuri which is 35 km away from Bhandardara. The nearest airport is Chahtrapati ShivajiInternational Airport which is 185 km away from Bhandardara. Road transport buses are freely available to and from Bhandardara.


Ratangad Fort is one of the captured forts of Shivaji who used to spend leisure time in the fort. The fort provides ideal conditionsfor trekking and is extremely scenic and fascinating to view. There are two caves which can be seen at the top of the fort. 

Bhandardara Lake is formed by the dammed waters of the Pravara River. It is also known as Lake Arthur Hill. It is located amidstdense forest. Sri Agasthya Muni meditated continuously at this place. The lake is a reservoir for Wilson Dam and is 34 km long. 

Mount Kalsubai is the highest peak of Sahyadri Range and was used to watch the enemies during the Maratha rule. It is a place meantfor enjoying trekking. A small temple can be seen at the top which has an old well at its backyard. According to belief the water in the well never drops below 3 feet. From the top one can have a good view of Bhandardara lake and Wilson Dam. 

Randha Falls is a 45 m high waterfall and is situated 11 km from Wilson Dam. The water of the falls is used for hydro electric generation . It is a fmous tourist spot in this area. It is placed in the Igatpuri region in the Sahyadris. 

Umbrella Falls are located in the close proximity of Wilson Dam and are ideal during monsoons. It is located near Randha Falls and is alsoused for hydro-electric generation.

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