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Mauritius brings to mind a tropical paradise, an island of dreams with a landscape so alluring. It ripples with volcanic skylines and pulsates with crystal clear streams. This melting pot of various cultures lends itself to a fusion of the past and the present. The result is a smooth blend of a relaxing and calming ambience that is distinctively Mauritian. A Holiday in Mauritius offers you an incomparable beauty that beckons you to kiss its pristine shores time and time again for your holiday.
Begin your holiday with a glimpse of Mauritius’ colonial history in the resplendent Port Louis, the capital and main port of the country. Introduce yourself to the island’s most famous bird, the Dodo, now extinct but forever remembered at the Port Louis' Natural History Museum. Then, amaze yourself even further with a glimpse of the rarest bird in the world, the Mauritian Pink Pigeon, along with over 140 varieties of birds, 2500 in all, in the Casela Bird Park set in the district of the Rivière Noire, and stretching over 20 acres of land.

 Glide through the Domaine Les Pailles nature park in a horse-drawn carriage, where a natural spring, a spice garden, a replica of a sugar mill and an old rum distillery await you. Or let the island’s mysteries unfold as you enjoy your walk on some of Mauritius’ beautiful parks, Réserve Forrestière Macchabée and Rivière Noire National Park. At the Domaine des Grands Bois of Southern Mauritius, lose yourself in parkland so magnificently rich in lush and exotic fauna, providing a backdrop for stags, deer and other wildlife. Or test your courage with a visit to the Nile crocodiles in La Vanille Crocodile Park.
Another thing of particular interest that one just have to see is the talipot palm found amongst the large collection of indigenous and exotic plants, including the Victoria regia lilies, of the Pamplemousses Gardens. The talipot palm is said to flower once after 60 years.

Mauritius seascape is also worthy of mention with its deep limpid blue waters, coral reefs and silky blonde piles of sand. Beaches, lagoons and inlets around the coast offer plenty of opportunity for safe swimming, and for those seeking a different kind of adventure; explore the famous underwater scenery of the Grand Baie through diving. One can also admire the colourful treasures of the Indian Ocean with a visit to the Aquarium, populated by 200 species of fish, invertebrates, live coral and sponges, all originating from the waters around the island.

When it is the thrill of craters and volcanoes that appeal to you visit the volcano of Trou aux Cerfs where you’ll find a spectacular view of the island from the rim of the dramatic crater.

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