Tuesday, 12 May 2015



We can all agree that after months of polar vortexes and a winter that refused to quit, the idea of hitting the beach sounds pretty terrific, right? Well, we're almost there. And to help get the ball rolling, we rounded up our favorite beaches in the world.

Ipanema Beach

Where: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Why it made our list: There's a reason bikinis and waxes are named "Brazilian". The city's as sizzling as its sexy locals, and this renowned party beach is your chance to totally notstare at them from behind your aviators.
Bonus: Vendors along the boardwalk sell caipirinhas, and there're plenty of waterfront gyms for pumping your pecs before starting that long, slow stroll down the beach.

Anse Source d’Argent

Where: La Digue, Republic of Seychelles
Why it made our list: Its towering cliffs and pink sand make it one of the most photographed beaches in the world.
Bonus: La Digue, specifically its Veuve Nature Reserve, is the last place on earth where you can find the rare black paradise flycatcher bird, of which there are only about 100 left. Okay, so that's not much of a bonus unless your favorite movie is The Big Year, but consider it your fun fact of the day.

Hidden Beach

Where: The Marieta Islands by Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Why it made our list: LOOK AT IT! While no longer as hidden as the name might suggest, this beach is rumored to have been formed by the Mexican military detonating test bombs in the early 1900s.
Bonus: Think of the street cred you'll get by dropping a reference to the secret, underground beach you just got back from vacationing on. Also, there's a water tunnel you have to pass through to get there.

Plage de St. Jean

Where: St. Barths, French Caribbean
Why it made our list: Located at the end of the island's airport (which claims to have one of the world's shortest landing strips at 2,100 feet), this beautiful beach comes with anair of danger; in 2009, a plane ran out of runway and crashed on it. Thankfully, no one was injured.
Bonus: A playground for the super rich and mega famous, expect to spy celebs sipping martinis. Or, at the least, planes taking off and landing above your beach chair.

7 Mile Beach

Where: Negril, Jamaica
Why it made our list: Flanked by epic cliffs, it's one of the longest and most beautiful beaches in the world. Although, it's actually only SIX miles long, just so you know.
Bonus: There’s a Margaritaville right on the beach! Kidding. Instead, hit Rick's Café -- considered one of the best beach bars in the world, it's perched atop the aforementioned cliffs.

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