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11. Khardung La Pass

Image Source: Prabhu B Doss – Flickr
Khardung La Pass needs no introduction. It is widely, but incorrectly, believed to be the  highest motorable pass in the world, located at a little over 17,000 feet above sea level. The pass is about 40 km from the town of Leh, and an important destination for those seeking adventure. Adventure seekers come here for a thrilling mountain biking experience and a road trip.
Image Source: Matt Werner – Flickr
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The views you get from this amazing mountain pass are just breathtaking. The pass also holds strategic importance for India’s defense strategy, for it serves as the route for military supplies and other essentials.
Image Source: Motographer – Flickr

12. Nubra Valley

Image Source: Fulvio Spada – Flickr
Located about 150 km from the town of Leh is the Nubra Valley. It is also referred to as the valley of flowers, because it is covered with some really beautiful flowers during the summer months. The beautiful flowers are kind of complemented by the largely rugged terrain of the valley, as is the case with the rest of Ladakh.
Image Source: Axel Drainville – Flickr
A trek through the valley is one of the easier treks in Ladakh, but not any less beautiful. During the summer months, you can spot the local shepherding their sheep with a smile on their face and a lively spirit.


13. Valley of Flowers

Image Source: Alosh Bennett – Flickr
The Valley of Flowers is a national park located in the upper reaches of the Himalayas, in the state of Uttarakhand is a must visit tourist place in India. The park is a true paradise for botanists and anybody else who loves the glory of nature. It stands true to its name, with several species of exotic flowers to be seen here.
Iamge Source: Prashant Ram – Flickr
While for the most part the valley remains covered with snow, during the summer months, it comes alive with a riot of colors which makes it one of the beautiful places in India. Expectedly, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. But you need to cover a slightly difficult trek in order to feel the bliss of this national park. [Read about a first hand experience trekking to the Valley of Flowers.]

14. Roopkund Lake

Image Source: Sanjeev Asher – Flickr
The Himalayan region is blessed with several gorgeous high altitude lakes. But the one which catches the maximum attention is the Roopkund Lake, gorgeous, and shrouded in mystery. The lake is situated at a height of about 5,000 meters above sea level in Uttaranchal’s Chamoli District. During the summer season, when the ice melts in the lake, you can see several hundred corpses floating in the lake.
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The skeletons of the corpses have been well preserved because f the cold climatic conditions. Scientific evidence suggests that the corpses date back to around 12th century, but nobody knows the real story behind the mass deaths. Roopkund Lake is probably the only place on earth which continues to be beautiful despite the presence of about hundred skeletons.

15. Dodital Lake

Image Source: Leon Meerson – Flickr
A freshwater lake located at a height of little more than 3000 meters above sea level is the Dodital Lake. It is also known as the Dhudital Lake, named after Lord Ganesha and is among the must see tourist places in India. It is believed that the lake is the abode of Lord Ganesha, and standing testimony to that fact is a temple dedicated to Him.
You need to cover a moderate trek from Uttarkashi in order to reach the lake. Don’t worry about the effort though. You will be refreshed at the sight of the lake.

16. Khatling Glacier 

Khatling Glacier
Situated the River Bhalingana’s source is the Khatling Glacier, a panoramic site that just takes your breath away. From the glacier, you can see snow capped peaks and several hanging glaciers in the vicinity. But the rewarding sight doesn’t come easy. You need to take a strenuous trek to reach the glacier, passing through dense forests and high mountain passes. The trek to Khatling Glacier could easily take around 2 weeks, but it is worth every effort you make.

Uttar Pradesh

17. Ghats in Varanasi

Image Source: Franc Pallarès López – Flickr
Varanasi is believed to be the oldest civilizations is among the must India. Situated on the banks of River Ganga, the city holds a sacred spot in Hinduism. Every year, lakhs converge on the ghats of Varanasi for performing the last rites of their relatives and dear ones. Despite the seemingly macabre surroundings, the ghats of Varanasi have a certain allure to them. You can feel the spirituality and the calmness that prevails here. [Still not convinced? Hopefully this gives you a better idea about the beauty of Varanasi.]
Image Source: freebird – Flickr


18. Jodhpur

Image Source: Arati Kumar-Rao – Flickr
Jodhpur is beautiful in a paradoxical kind of way. Most of Jodhpur’s terrain is barren and rugged, which makes it a quintessential desert land. It is one of the largest cities of Rajasthan, offering tourists an opportunity for memorable desert safaris. One of the best safaris you can take in Jodhpur is a Bishnoi Village Safari.
Image Source: Alison Domzalski – Flickr
It takes you up, close and personal to the lives of the Bishnois, an old clan of the land. If you visit the old part of the city, don’t miss the blue houses, which have earned it the tag of the “The Blue City.”
Image Source: Ivan Lian – Flickr

19. Desert of Jaisalmer

Image Source: Le Batteur De Lune – Flickr
Camel Safari is one of the most memorable and delightful experiences you can have. It gives you an exclusive approach to discover colorful villages in Rajasthan. Travel through the crests and troughs of the naturally formed Sand Dunes on a camel back and experience the essence of life in the Jaisalmer region.
Image Source: Srinayan Puppala – Flickr
Once the night falls, gather around a campfire and enjoy a luxurious treat of cultural performances like lambada dance by the locals.
Image Source: travelwayoflife – Flickr

20. Lake Pichola

Image Source: Kalyan Neelamraju – Flickr
One of the highlights of the beautiful city of Udaipur, Rajasthan is Lake Pichola. The lake overlooks the Lake Palace, making for a fantastic setting is a must visit tourist attraction in India. Lake Pichola, like other lakes in Udaipur, were built over dams in order to serve the water and irrigation needs of the people of the city.
Image Source: Dave Poortvliet – Flickr
The lake serves as the ideal spot for a romantic boat ride with your better half. During the migratory season, you can see some species of birds too by the lake, making it an even more beautiful site. [Still not convinced? Here are 50 reasons to visit Rajasthan.]

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