Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Why go out of town when you can have fun here in the city?  There’s nothing a little adventure and exploration can do to brighten your week. Take a look at our culture choices below.
First, make a trip to the National Museum of the American Indian to celebrate the indigenous, rich culture of Peru. Enjoy live music, traditional Peruvian dances, food, and plenty of hands-on activities for kids. The Kaypi Perù Festivalruns until August 3, so stop by while you can. Now, I know many of you are familiar with the infamous Electronic Superhighway (image below) from Korean video-artist, Nam June Paik. Tomorrow, join the Smithsonian American Art Museum’s Birthday Tribute as they celebrate his legacy in the world of media art.

Frank Smith, Phi Beta Sigma, Morehouse College 1962 and Founding Director of the African American Civil War Memorial Museum will play host to three events honoring the 100th year anniversary of the Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity meeting in Washington, D.C. July 15-19, 2014.
July 16: Birthday party for Sigma man Kevin Smith, Howard University Class of 1985, and will be joined by Civil Rights icon Rev. Reginald Green. Food will be provided by Oohhs and Aahhs Soul Food Restaurant.
July 17: In honor of the fraternity, former Mayor Marion Barry and civil rights icon will discuss his new book entitle “Mayor for Life: The Incredible Story of Marion Berry, Jr.” Book signing will follow.
July 18: It is the 151st anniversary of the battle of Ft. Wagner, the battle about which the movie Glory was made. Sigma Blue and White to join in celebrating the anniversary of the Battle of Ft. Wager with a Glory event that will feature dancing by City Dance a local dance conservatory featuring various styles from cultural, to ballet and hip hop. 
For more information about this celebration, visitwww.afroamcivilwar.org for details.
New blood courses through this contemporary rock musical, based on Stephen King’s haunting story of teen angst, religious fervor, and the complicated relationship between a mother and daughter. As Carrie navigates the harsh realities of high school bullying and her overprotective mother, a new and violent power is unleashed inside her—and she’ll use it. Check out this thrilling new production now at Studio Theatre until August 3.
New blood courses through this contemporary rock musical, based on Stephen King’s haunting story of teen angst, religious fervor, and the complicated relationship between a mother and daughter. As Carrie navigates the harsh realities of high school bullying and her overprotective mother, a new and violent power is unleashed inside her—and she’ll use it. Check out this thrilling new production now at Studio Theatre untilAugust 3.
Happy Birthday, America!
Happy Birthday, America!

This Saturday celebrate the “pua,” or flower, which serves as a metaphor for a child or someone very cherished, at the US Botanic Garden! Enjoy a tropical performance through song and dance from the Hawai'i State Society of Washington, DC ‘Ukelele Hui. Learn how to create leis made of Hawaii’s beautiful flowers: the yellow ginger, pikake, hisbiscus, carnation, green rose, lehua, gardenia, bird-of-paradise, and more!
Check out more information here.

When: June 25-29 and July 2-6 - 11am to 5:30pm 
Every year the Smithsonian Institution’s Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage brings together a Festival of international cultures and heritages. Free to the public, the Festival draws more than one million visitors.
This year’s programs include:
China: Tradition and the Art of Living highlights REUNION and BALANCE, traditional principles that are of greater value than ever in China. Reunions animate and sustain tradition. And as people are increasingly separated from one another by the demands of work and education, they continue to find ways to reaffirm ties to community and cultural heritage both in their daily lives and for special occasions.
Kenya is a country of deeply rooted traditions and a vibrant cultural crossroads. Occurring just after the fiftieth anniversary of Kenya’s independence from the British Empire, the Kenya: Mambo Poa program will present the ways in which the people of Kenya are balancing protection of their valued cultural and natural heritage with the challenges and opportunities for change in the twenty-first century.
See what all the fuss is about at the Woolly Mammoth Theatre. Ever wondered if you had what it takes to change the world? …dominate and command respect? …leave your mark on history? See what Penelope Easter is up to and catch the world premiere of The Totalitarians later this week.
P.S. if you want to know which “totalitarian” you are, complete their quiz and find out! For more information about the showtimes and ticket sales, click here.

To see a list of our participating embassies and to view our interactive Google Map, click the buttons below:
image  image
Commonly Asked Questions:
What do I need to bring? Your government issued ID and comfortable shoes. It’s going to be sunny day, so sunscreen is recommended.
Where should I start my tour? You may begin at any embassy of your choice. Remember this is a self-guided tour, so your journey is up to you.  One tip is to take the N6 Metrobus north on Massachusetts Avenue and get off just after the US Naval Observatory. You can visit Azerbaijan and Nepal and then work your way down Massachusetts Avenue. (Hint: It’s downhill.)
How many embassies can I visit? The truth is you won’t be able to visit all 51 embassies in six hours. In fact, on average most individuals visit 4 to 5 embassies throughout the day.
What embassies are new this year?African Union, League of Arab States, Republic of Congo, Fiji, Gabon, Kenya, Philippines and Uganda.

When & Where: Through Sun, May 4 at Arena Stage 1101 Sixth Street, SE Washington, DC 20024
In more ways than one, Camp David is historic. Arena Stage is presenting the world premiere of this historic drama of the historic meetings that brought an enduring peace between Israel and Egypt. Set at the presidential retreat of Camp David, President Jimmy Carter and his wife Rosalynn host Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin and Egyptian President Anwar Sadat. A cast of four, including Richard Thomas (yes, John Boy) and Tony winner, Ron Rifkin bring this tumultuous time to life on the stage in Southwest DC.  For more information on tickets and showtimes click here.

Can’t stop the beat? We can’t either! As of today, spring has sprung and it’s time to “move it, move it” by taking advantage of an exciting promotion Joy of Motion Dance Center and the National Cherry Blossom Festival have collaborated on together. Between March 20 and April 15, DC residents and visitors can take a MOVE class at any Joy Of Motion Dance Center location for FREE! Choose from Barre Body, Zumba Gold, Motown Move and other great classes.
Click here for the full schedule of classes.

When: Through Sun, April 13 - Various Times at The Studio Theatre 1501 14th Street, NW Washington, DC 20005
Water by the Spoonful is the Pulitzer Prize-winning play by Quiara Alegría Hudes. Variety called it “A combination poem, prayer, and app on how to cope in an age of uncertainty, speed and chaos.” Written with empathy and humor, the story follows a combat veteran who is trying to adjust to a “normal” life while working at Subway and caring for his dying mother. Many themes are woven together to create a story that is sure to touch its audience.

When: Through Fri, April 25 at Vivid Solutions Gallery 1231 Good Hope Road, SE Washington, DC 20020
Aside from very large (and often questionably styled) hair, 80s pop musicians may be best known for their groundbreaking androgynous public personas. In Fade 2 Grey: Androgyny in Eighties Popular Music, artist Adrian Loving uses six video art installations to explore the way that musicians like Patti Smith, David Bowie, Grace Jones, Sylvester, Boy George and Prince made an enduring statement in their musical careers through the use of androgyny. This is the first exhibit at the new home of Vivid Solutions Gallery in the Anacostia Arts Center.
Click here for more details.

When: Wed, March 5 - 6:30pm at The George Washington University 730 21st Street, NW Washington, DC 20052
Fans of The Barefoot Contessa and simple, delicious cuisine, take heed: Ina Garten is coming to DC! Food Network star, famed chef and purveyor of all things in good taste, Garten will headline a Metro Cooking DC event at the Lisner Auditorium at George Washington University on March 5. The event will be focused around a discussion between Ina and Bonnie Benwick, Deputy Food Editor at the Washington Post. There will even be a chance for audience Q&A! Bring your sauciers and your grey poupon and buy your tickets online here.

When: Through Fri, Aug. 1 at the National Geographic Museum 1145 17th Street, NW Washington, DC 20036
Wildest Weather In the Solar System 3D premieres March 5 at the National Geographic Museum! Grab your tickets and get ready to experience some really wild astronomical imagery; the film will give you a first row seat to the most beautiful, powerful, and mysterious weather phenomena in the solar system. If you think our weather on earth has been wild lately, wait until you see this! Let’s just say, you’ll be glad you live here…even with all the snow.

When: Wed, March 5 - 7pm at the Corcoran Gallery of Art 500 17th Street, NW Washington, DC 20006
The Corcoran is sponsoring a fascinating film series selected by the photographer Alex Prager. Modern Times has been praised as one of Charlie Chaplin’s greatest works and it has served as an inspiration to Mr. Prager. His show, Alex Prager: Face in the Crowd is on view at the Corcoran through March 9. Pre-registration is encouraged for the Wednesday, March 5th movie; free for members and a $5 charge for non-members. Written, produced, directed by, and starring Charlie Chaplin with Paulette Goddard—it’s a classic … and an inspiration! Click here for more information. 

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